Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moving from physical construction to digital construction

If you have been by the office you know. We have been busy, very busy.

The outside of the building is basically complete for the rest of 2011, New York State recently celebrated my grand opening by repaving the road in front of my office. There is landscaping to go, a parking lot to improve but the growing season, calendar date and impending steel snow plow blades warns me that I should wait until spring. There is still much to do. (I think that is the case for everyone). I am currently accepting snow plowing bids if you know anyone!!

The inside looks great, some windows still need to be completed, winter carpeting will be necessary. I still need a solid game plan on how to best soften the bouncing and echoing sounds off the waiting room walls. There is still much to do.

Since I hope most people reading this are feeling good and do not need an appointment I will be posting some updated pictures in the next few days.

Our main emphasis right now is collecting all the files (see previous post) getting all necessary data in the computer and continuing to provide outstanding care. This webpage and the Facebook page will become a very important resource for you in the near future. On this page, hopefully, you will be able to print new patient forms, updated patient forms and complete chiropractic visit authorization forms when you need them. I even think we will be able to have you complete the forms online and email them to the office directly before your appointment.

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support thus far and expect much more to come.

-Tim Smith DC

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